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Components, Communication Patterns & Perl evolved fibenis

Patterns are every where...

The framework evolved by generalizing communication pattern in information process cycle. Information cycle can be limited to BREAD (Browse, Read, Edit, Add & Delete) functions in varied scales in various information points.

Fibenis generalizing the information process and separating the communication variations like data points from the system. Based on information process classification different process engines are built and it perform by structured communication. The unified communication approach helps in achieving consistency in both inputs & outputs irrespective of creators and leads to man & machine friendly. It helped in achieve re-usability and reduce development time.



Communication structure for creation of desk & form in fibenis

A minimal form by f_series Click for zoomed view..


	// form for add & update the city name

	$F_SERIES   =	array(
				'title'	=> 'Manage City',
				'data'	=> array(
					        1 => array(
							   'field_name'=> 'Name', # field label 
                                                           'field_id'  => 'sn',   # table field id
                                                           'type'      => 'text', # input type    
                                                           'is_must'   => 1,      # mandatory 
							   # input element attribute
							   'attr'      => ['class'=>'w_50']
				'table_name'    => 'entity',				
				'key_id'        => 'id'                               

A simple desk by d_series Click for zoomed view..


	// simple desk for show the city names

	$D_SERIES   =  	array(
				'title' =>'City Desk'
				# data column				
				'data'  => array(
							'th'	=> 'Name', # column header label
							'field'	=> 'sn'    # table field or data point
				'table'  => 'contact'   # table name
				'key_id' => 'id'        # primary key
			); # end    



that make fibenis near to you

Unified Approach

Unified communication approach that supports quick adoption and consistency in input & output

Structured Communication

Communicates in highly structured way, a trade-off between natural & logical approach

3R Characteristics

Leads to Lean development by Reuse Code, Reduce Development Time & Recycle Existing features

Primary Engines

d_series & f_series will produce desk & forms by a bulk array input, customize it by key & value communication

Secondary Engines

a_series & t_series for ajax requests & template based content generation. e_series & k_series creates custom excel & PDF documents by structured comm

Base Bricks

Solutions bricks like EAV management, User, Status, Page & Definitions supports rapid development & provides ready to use open & closed access systems

DB & Storage

Supports MySQL & PostgreSQL with a base ready to use system. Built with DB Neutral EAV System. Communication layer to accommodate new DB's


Comes with Bootstrap based basic website & admin theme. Supports custom layout & skin implementation. Interface for page level layout & skin configura



The inner components of fibenis

  • Array based communication for display columns, filters, search, sorting, pager & bulk actions
  • Inbuilt delete and bulk action
  • Complete control for desk features to attain UI needs
  • Multiple Custom Filter options
  • Search Box with auto complete information with multiple information grouping
  • Custom Summary Display
  • Each column data can be given us a input to client side function to meet custom needs
  • In-built narrow down display
  • Pre-selection history for smooth access
  • Date filter with ranges
  • Columns Sort & List Sorting options
  • Default action on Edit
  • Custom actions defined to client side function
  • Hidden column for client side data processing needs
  • Before & after delete actions
  • Export to CSV


  • Array based communication
  • More than 15 input types & growing
  • Value, Length based constraints
  • Before & After actions on insert & Update, Form to Message
  • Flexible Layout, Custom Layout, Content Divider
  • Easy to Clone, Reuse & Standalone Forms
  • Default Additional Communication to handle custom communication
  • Default Mode communication to customize the form on the fly
  • Live New Master additions
  • Vertical Scaling


  • Hash based configuration structure
  • Customized Primary & secondary Filters
  • Dynamic Column Builder and Grouping information
  • Single Sheet with grouping & Group based multiple sheet creation
  • Custom column format, Freeze Panes, Conditional Format





that drives fibenis

Get a glimpse of primary engines basic usage...


Have a look of EAV usage in a CMS page creation


A poster on macro view of fibenis inner structures


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