Unified Approach

Unified communication approach that supports quick adoption and consistency in input & output

Structured Communication

Communicates in highly structured way, a trade-off between natural& logical approach.


Leads to Lean development by Reuse Code, Reduce Development Time& RecycleExisting features

Primary Engines

d_series&f_series will produce desk & forms by a bulk array input, customize the functions & format by key value definitions

Secondary Engines

Secondary engines for managing Ajax requests by a_series& t_series fortemplate based content generator suits for automation

Reporting Engines

The reporting engine e_series & k_series, creates custom excel & PDF documentsby structured communication

Base Blocks

The base blocks like EAV management, User,Status, Page &Definitions supports rapid development&provides ready to use open & closed access systems

Built on EAV

Standard EAV definition’s for manageEntity, Attributes, Entity Child &add-on attributes. The base system & a standard CMS built on that.


About Fibenis

Fibenis evolved through generalizing communication pattern. It will take care of managing BREAD (Browse, Read, Edit, Add & Delete) needs of an application in a structured communication way. It will handle the Store-Modify-Retrieve actions by two major process engines namely d_series (Desk Series) & f_series (Form Series) and few other sub engines for communication & reporting needs. The engines will perform by a unified data structure based communication. The unified communication approach helps in achieving consistency in both inputs & outputs irrespective of creators also friendly to both man & machine. It's highly influenced by Indian Railways uni gauge system, where varied gauges are converted to broad gauge standard for optimized operations. Similar way for building a information desk or form, the technical needs are performed through standardized communication. It helped in achieve reusability and reduce development time.


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